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Lisa Russell

Connect with Lisa:

Like a lot of women in this day and age, Lisa Russell lives a triple-life. During school hours she is the consummate Human Resources professional spanning Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Health, Not-for-profit, Retail, Vehicle, Travel and other industries. By evening she is doctor / mess sergeant / domestic goddess / psychologist, and referee to two amazing little boys, all whilst endeavouring to gain stars on her wife-duty rewards chart every once in a while. At night, she channels her inner WWE champion to wrangle the kids into bed, before diligently tapping away on her computer to produce books and training courses full of insider knowledge about managing staff, running a home-based consultancy business and having a child with special needs. In her spare time (*cough…), Lisa is President of the CHARGE Syndrome Association of Australasia and can often be found keeping the Directors on their toes. Learn more about CHARGE syndrome; the condition her little boy was born with, here: CHARGE Syndrome. Lisa has been running her own Human Resource Management consultancy since 2006 and started out the very same month she met her now-husband, Dean. Before having kids, she managed to juggle her work time around his rosters of usually 8 days on, 6 days off and spent time with him when he was home. Fast forward two years – their first son was born with a condition called CHARGE syndrome; this saw them stay in hospital for three months, followed by three months at home and another seven months back in hospital. Not long after the birth, Lisa’s husband was retrenched and she continued to work whenever she could from hospital, Ronald McDonald House and home. Looking back now they wonder how they ever survived and stayed together! Lisa and Dean now also have a second son and she shares her time between all three of her boys – whilst working during school hours four days a week.